February 24, 2017

AZ Ag Department to Hold Listening Sessions on Reducing Regulatory Impacts on Businesses

The Arizona Department of Agriculture is inviting stakeholders to participate in a series of listening sessions that are “part of the governor’s mission to reduce regulatory burden and promote customer-service-orientated principles” for the agriculture industry and the general public. The Department will not be discussing proposed language changes for the rules, but instead is seeking input about how these rules impact individual businesses and organizations. 

According to a letter to stakeholders, five specific rules will be targeted in three meeting events. The following rules will be discussed: Transportation and Packing; Regulated and Restricted Noxious Weeds; Prohibited Noxious Weeds; Nut Tree Pests; and Nut Pests.

Read the department’s full letter and see dates and times for each listening session  

For more information, contact AnnaMarie Knorr at (602) 451-0658.