July 9, 2019

Blue Banner Company Taps WG’s HR Department for Management Training

Western Growers’ HR Learning and Development Manager Anna Bilderbach recently provided a “Management 101: Introduction to Supervision” training to Blue Banner Company, in Riverside, California.

Vincent Mazzetti and his team, Martin Diaz (HR Director) and Espie Estrada (Food, Safety & Worker’s Comp Director), invited Western Growers to help equip their leaders with the tools they need to effectively work through the challenges and responsibilities they face as managers. Their goal is to transfer their skills, knowledge and expertise to the next generation by mentoring newer leaders within the company. During the training, the managers and supervisors learned about their management styles, as well as picked up new strategies and tactics for effective leadership. Participants’ tenure at the company ranged between two to 47 years on the team.

Private training on all HR-related topics is an available service for all WG members. If employers are interested in providing training to their employees, they can reach out to Anna Bilderbach at (949) 379-3889.