August 9, 2023

California Growers Can Get Support to Create Conservation Plans

Wild Farm Alliance (WFA) is offering support to California farmers to create farm-specific conservation plans.

The WFA has received funding from the California Department of Food and Agriculture to be used to assist California growers to create the following plans: Beneficial Bird Habitat Plan, Pollinator Habitat Plan and Carbon Farm Plan.

If interested, growers can submit their information so that the WFA can assess the farm’s natural resources and concerns, identify multiple opportunities for improvements and prioritize plans for the best outcomes. According to the WFA, plans will include “an overview of your objectives, your current farm conditions, a timeline for planting, site preparation, plant lists and maintenance. The plans will help you be better prepared when applying for assistance with state and federal agencies such as CDFA and NRCS.”

If you are interested in working with the WFA to create a conservation plan, you can fill out the participation form here.

Learn more about WFA here.