March 31, 2020

CDFA Urges Calif. Farms to Donate to Food Bank Program

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a large surge in unemployment and a rise in food insecurity
in numerous communities across the country. Even in normal times, food banks play a critical
role in feeding millions of Americans. Now, the demand – and urgency – is even greater.

CDFA has issued a call to the California agriculture industry to aid in meeting the increased
demand for donations to food banks, and is directing willing producers from around the state to
participate in the Farm to Family program.

Operated by the California Association of Food Banks, the Farm to Family program helps move
excess California-grown products from the field to food banks up and down the state. Over 160
growers currently donate more than 50 varieties of produce to the Farm and Family program,
including many Western Growers members.

As a result of these generous donations, the program has aided in the distribution of over 160
million pounds of California produce to its vast network of schools, churches, senior centers and
other destinations.

To give farm product donations, contact Steve Linkhart, Director of Farm to
Family at (510) 350-9916.