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October 5, 2017

CDPR Releases Proposed Chlorpyrifos Mitigation Measures

On Tuesday, the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (CDPR) posted their Evaluation and Options for Interim Mitigation Measures to Reduce Acute Chlorpyrifos Exposure to Bystanders. Western Growers believes that the proposed mitigation measures are overly conservative and unnecessary.

The mitigation measures are based on a model that has not been validated for predicting exposure and is based on unrealistic conditions and use patterns. In fact, in the memo released Tuesday, CDPR states, “the August 2017 risk assessment includes several uncertainties or assumptions that potentially overestimate the risk and lead to more stringent mitigation measures than needed to meet the regulatory target.” 

Comments on the most recent risk assessment closed concurrent with the release of the proposed mitigation measures – which demonstrates that CDPR developed mitigation measures without consideration of public commentary on the risk assessment.

Chlorpyrifos is perhaps the most widely studied insecticide in the world and is used on numerous specialty crops, including tree nuts, vegetables, grapes and citrus. Western Growers continues to call on CDPR to use real world scenarios and assumptions, appropriate models, and all relevant studies in the continued review of chlorpyrifos so that final decisions are based on sound science and understood by the agricultural industry.

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