May 26, 2016

Choose What Topics You Want Discussed at the Annual Meeting

The Western Growers 91st Annual Meeting will be here before you know it, and we need your help in choosing workshop topics.

The meeting will be held November 6th – 9th in Hawaii at the Grand Hyatt Kauai and there is so much to talk about!

We’ve collected a number of possible workshop topics and narrowing them down will be a team effort. We have more issues than we have time to cover during our time in Hawaii, and your input will be crucial in helping decide what topics to cover. Our Member Survey allows you to see what topics we have come up with, select which ones you like and also gives you the chance to offer suggestions on topics we didn’t think of. 

Take our Member Survey to register your thoughts with us!


Contact Ryan Zilker at (949) 885-2249 for question about the survey. For more information about the Annual Meeting, contact Randy Hause at (949) 885-2265.

Don’t forget to register for the Annual Meeting! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER