April 7, 2020

Companies Providing Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for COVID-19

In order to connect industry growers, packers, storage facilities, and other agricultural entities with suppliers of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), CDFA is compiling a list of potential vendors. To the extent they can, CDFA is verifying the vendor on a surface level. However, because CDFA cannot fully vet the vendors, the buyer has an obligation to do their own vetting.

Provider: Citizens of Humanity (Huntington Park, CA)

PPE: Denim manufacturer that is sewing washable 100% cotton face masks.

Contact: Amy Williams, (323) 923-1240 or awilliams@citizensofhumanity.com


Provider: Sanctuary Medical (Burbank, CA)

PPE: Sourcing ear-loop medical face masks and KN95 respirator masks

Contact: Jeff Polanco, (818) 304-4197 or jeff@showroom1205la.com


Provider: Alltech (Libertyville, IL)

PPE: Automotive company that producing KN95 respirator masks, surgical masks, gloves, hand sanitizer

Contact: N/A, (847) 658-1215 or Sales@alltechautoparts.com


Provider: PROforma (Cleveland, OH)

PPE: Producing KN95 respirator masks and 3-layer surgical masks

Contact: Steve Young, (510) 508-0638 or steve.young@proforma.com


Provider: Faurecia (Chattanooga, TN)

PPE: FDA-approved masks and gowns

Contact: Francisco Almeida, francisco.aaf.almeida@faurecia.com


Provider: Swag It To Me (Chicago, IL)

PPE: KN95 & standard 3-ply face masks

Contact: Stephanie Raab, (937) 830-0562