December 8, 2016

Deadline to Voice Opinion on Pesticide Use Near Schools Regulation is Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be the last day last day the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) will be accepting public comments on the recently proposed regulation on agricultural pesticide use near schools.

Western Growers’ members are highly encouraged to voice their concerns about how this regulation would affect their operations, as DPR will use this input to develop the new regulation. Please call or email DPR today. Pre-scripted messages are available on Western Growers Voter Voice Campaign website here.

The proposed regulation, which is slated to take effect in September 2017, prohibits certain pesticide applications within ¼ mile of a school and requires notification of other pesticide applications within ¼ mile of a school. Full details about the proposed regulation can be found on the DPR website.

Western Growers believes this newly-proposed regulation is not based on sound science and may cause unforeseen consequences for both growers and schools. We will continue to voice our concerns to DPR, and we need our members to express theirs, as well.


For more information, please contact Matthew Allen at (916) 446-1435.