October 28, 2021

DOL Introduces New FLC and FLCE Registration Forms

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division (WHD) has replaced the old WH-530 form by publishing three new forms that Farm Labor Contractors (FLCs) and some of their employees (FLCEs) will use to apply for initial or renewal FLC or FLCE Certificates of Registration, or to amend an existing Certificate of Registration. Those forms are WH-530, WH-535, and WH-540.

  • Form WH-530 is an application used to obtain or renew a FLC Certificate of Registration.
  • Form WH-535 is an application used to obtain or renew a FLCE Certificate of Registration.
  • Form WH-540 is used to amend a valid FLC or FLCE Certificates of Registration.

WHD will continue to accept the old WH-530 until March 31, 2022. To  download  the forms  or  view  detailed  instructions  on  how  to fill  them  out,  click the links above or visit  WHD’s Application  for  a  FLC  or  FLCE  Certificate  of  Registration webpage.  

According to WHD, these updates, published on October 15, 2021, aim to make the Certificate of Registration process more user-friendly. The forms clarify required fields and feature expanded instructions to guide applicants through the registration process.

Before performing any farm labor contracting activity, a FLC must register with WHD and obtain a Certificate of Registration. A FLC must be specifically authorized to provide housing or transportation to migrant or seasonal agricultural workers prior to providing the housing or transportation. Persons employed by FLCs to perform farm labor contracting activities (i.e., FLCEs) must also register with WHD.   FLCs and FLCEs who perform farm labor contractor activities must carry proof of registration and show it to workers, agricultural employers, agricultural associations, and any other person with whom they deal as contractors.

For questions about FLC or FLCE registration please click on the WHD Resources link above or contact the FLC Certification Team at (415) 241-3505.