May 5, 2020

Donate Surplus Produce to CAFB Farm to Family Program

Join over 160 farmers in donating to the California Association of Food Banks’ (CAFB) Farm to Family program to support those who may be in need of fresh California-grown fruits and vegetables.

The Farm to Family program helps move excess California-grown products from the field to food banks up and down the state. Over 160 growers currently donate more than 50 varieties of produce to the Farm and Family program, including many Western Growers members.

As a result of these generous donations, the program has aided in the distribution of over 160
million pounds of California produce to its vast network of schools, churches, senior centers and
other destinations. Click here to learn more about donating surplus crops.

Calif. Governor Newsom recently announced a partnership with the CAFB to increase deliveries of fresh produce and other California-grown foods in which Western Growers President and CEO Dave Puglia issued the following statement:

“California food banks have experienced a huge spike in demand, and it makes sense to redirect as much of the food orphaned by the economic shutdown as possible to food banks. Our growers recognize this and have more than doubled their donations of berries, baby carrots, grapes and other fresh fruits and vegetables to food banks up and down the state in March and April. Given the massive economic harm to farmers in our state, much more relief is needed, but this is a good step forward.”

Click here to read Puglia’s full statement.

For more information regarding the Farm to Family program, contact Steve Linkhart, the director of Farm to Family, at (510) 350-9916.