November 30, 2023

Farm Labor Survey Previews Likely H-2A Wage Increases for 2024

Last week, the U.S. Department of Agriculture released data from its annual farm wages report. USDA’s Farm Labor Survey is used to calculate the 2024 Adverse Effect Wage Rate (AEWR), which determines the minimum wages for H-2A workers in each state. California employers can expect to see the AEWR increase from $18.65 per hour to $19.75 per hour, a 5.9% bump over the 2023 AEWR. The hourly rate once again will place California at the top of the pay scale across all states.

The AEWR paid by Arizona and New Mexico H-2A employers will rise 4.48%, from $15.62 per hour to $16.32 per hour. Colorado and Nevada H-2A workers will get a relatively modest 1.77% raise, from $16.34 per hour to $16.63 per hour.

The 2024 AEWR rates are not official and will not go into effect until published in the Federal Register later this year.