October 9, 2018

Feature from the Farm: Franscioni & Griva Celebrates 150 Years

Family owned and operated, Franscioni & Griva Corporation is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. Since 1868, Franscioni & Griva has been an agricultural staple in the Central Coast, growing from a dairy farm into a diversified produce operation.

The farm credits its dedication to diversification as a major reason for the company’s longevity and success, as it provided economic stability despite fluctuations in the farm market prices.

“Franscioni & Griva is unique because we have diversified from the very beginning,” said Rebecca Griva, sixth-generation family member and director of sustainability at Franscioni & Griva. “Being able to adapt efficiently to market demands is one of the main reasons we are able to celebrate this milestone anniversary.”

This sixth-generation farm has gone from farming grain, to ranching cattle, to growing a variety of crops, ranging from beets and corn nuts to kale and grapes. Additionally, Franscioni & Griva has always been quick to adopt new technology, in an effort to grow and harvest a variety of crops more efficiently and effectively. This has also contributed to their success.

Franscioni & Griva Ranch has been a member of Western Growers since 1985 and has been a grower for many WG members throughout its history, including Green Giant, Christopher Ranch, Church Brothers, Seminis, Tanimura & Antle, Dobler & Sons and Sabor Farms, among others.

“We have a very diverse and colorful history of working with many different companies and a wide variety of crops,” said Griva.

For more information on Franscioni & Griva Corporation’s 150-year history, visit http://www.fgvegetable.com/index.html.