December 7, 2022

GreenLink™: The First Fresh Produce Online Platform for Food Safety Risk Management

Developed by the Western Growers Science team in collaboration with Western Growers member companies, GreenLink™ provides a digital, secure and confidential online platform that enables users to share food safety data. The platform allows users to analyze their internal food safety data and to learn from aggregated, anonymized data that can help them anticipate, adjust, and better manage food safety strategies.

De Ann Davis, Senior Vice President of Science at WG, and Crème Global Data Scientist William O’Sullivan gave a presentation this week at the Society for Risk Analysis Annual Meeting providing an overview of GreenLink™ and the use of data modeling techniques.

In that presentation, the duo discussed how user-provided collated data helps widen the scope of understanding to construct an industry-wide data-driven narrative, driving favorable outcomes and helping to shift action from reactive to proactive.

Some of the benefits of GreenLink™ are:

  • Streamlined integration with existing data management systems
  • Useful insights
  • Ability to analyze and compare data
  • Security
  • Confidentiality
  • Accessibility
  • Opportunity to contribute to a positive industry narrative
  • Chance to improve industry data practices

Participants using the platform retain the ownership of their data and decide how much they want to share. As a private data trust, a committee of participants oversees the platform, which is managed by acclaimed modeling, data analytics and computing firm Crème Global.

GreenLink™ serves as the connection between fresh produce operations, transforming disparate datasets into a tool that can help strengthen the industry and advance food safety. GreenLink™ allows users to learn about their food safety performance and consider advanced data and analytics in their decision-making process.

To learn more about GreenLink™, please contact Western Growers’ Science Department at [email protected].