July 17, 2023

Learn How the Cotton Candy Grape Is Grown on PBS’s “America’s Heartland”

Grapery’s Cotton Candy Grape – the savior of parents everywhere looking to get more nutritious foods into their children’s diets – takes centerstage in an episode of PBS’s “America’s Heartland” that aired last week.

The show visits the company’s Shafter, Calif. headquarters and interviews Grapery Founder Jack Pandol and CEO Jim Beagle about how they use the fruit’s diverse gene pool to develop new grape shapes and flavor profiles.

“California agriculture has become, in my lifetime, a much more modern and sophisticated business,” Beagle says.

Check out the episode by clicking here. Season 17 of “America’s Heartland” is dedicated to specialty crop growers, and a number of Western Growers members will be featured in the coming weeks!

Episodes of “America’s Heartland” can be viewed on your area’s PBS station – check your local listings for exact date and time; more than 90 percent of all PBS stations in the country carry the show – as well as on PBS.org; the PBS standalone app; “America’s Heartland’s” website and YouTube; as well as weekly on RFD-TV. “America’s Heartland” is a production of Sacramento’s PBS KVIE.