November 15, 2023

John D’Arrigo Receives Award of Honor at Western Growers 2023 Annual Meeting

In recognition of his many contributions to the agricultural industry and community, John D’Arrigo was presented with the 2023 Award of Honor at the Western Growers Annual Meeting in Kauai on November 14.

Upon receiving his award, John spoke about the future of agriculture and the role that D’Arrigo Brothers will have in that future:

“My goal for the future of our company and industry is to continue to encourage mechanization and automation research. We are focused on that. There are some people who will call mechanization and automation job replacement. But the truth is, we can’t find enough workers to harvest our product. I prefer to call it job creation. We are getting our field personnel off the ground, onto automated platform machines, protecting them from the elements and creating a safer work environment.”

His philosophy of “If you can’t find it, invent it” is just part of the reason John has been at the forefront of positive change and innovation in the agricultural industry.

Congratulations to John and the D’Arrigo team for the Award of Honor.