February 14, 2024

Join the Western Growers Women Program in Coachella Valley and Napa for Skill-Building Events

After a successful relaunch in the Fall of 2023, the Western Growers Women Program has continued to grow into 2024. In addition to holding monthly educational webinars ranging from Media Training to Government 101, the WG Women Program has announced two in-person events in the upcoming months.

The WG Women Program will host a farm tour at Hadley Dates along with a presentation by Dr. Tina Huff focusing on “How to Wear Multiple Hats” on March 21st in the Coachella Valley. More information and the registration page can be found here.

The WG Women Program is also excited to host an Arbinger Leadership Retreat in Napa, CA on April 18-19. The Retreat will consist of two days of curriculum developed by the Arbinger Institute, which aims to help people and organizations shift from a self-focused, inward mindset to an impact-focused, outward mindset for individual development, transforming an organization. The Retreat will also include a VIP tour of the Culinary Institute of America at COPIA, a farm tour of Frogs Leap Winery, dinner by Chef JD Kammes. More information and the registration page can be found here.

We encourage you to explore how the WG Women Program can help you achieve your career goals. You can find a newly updated course catalog, the 2023-2024 calendar events and most recent news on the WG Women website. Visit www.wga.com/women-program for more information or to sign up for program activities.

Have questions about the WG Women Program or in-person events? Please contact Cierra Allen at [email protected].