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March 3, 2022

Join WG to Learn About a Ballot Initiative to End PAGA Shakedown Lawsuits

On Thursday, March 10, Western Growers will host a virtual Town Hall to discuss the effort to qualify a ballot initiative aimed at ending PAGA shakedown lawsuits.

If you are a California employer, you are probably familiar with the Private Attorneys General Act. Over the past five years, PAGA has been used by trial lawyers to extract $5 billion from California businesses to settle “trip-wire” employment law claims.

In fact, your company may have been a target of these shakedowns, which have cost California agricultural businesses $45 million in the last five years, with an average settlement of $775,000. If you haven’t already been hit with a PAGA lawsuit, consider the potential cost of your exposure.

Several industry groups have filed a ballot initiative to do away with these predatory lawsuits, and we are collecting signatures now to ensure that it qualifies for the November ballot. There are only a few months left to gather signatures.

During the WG Town Hall, Dave Puglia (WG President and CEO) and Jason Resnick (WG Senior Vice President and General Counsel) will explain the current PAGA law and detail the campaign strategy and polling data.


WG Town Hall: The Ballot Initiative to End PAGA Shakedown Lawsuits

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