May 30, 2023

Mark Trimmer to Speak at Salinas Biological Summit

Mark Trimmer, Ph.D., will bring his more than 35 years of expertise in research, product development, registration, technical service and technology licensing in the crop protection industry to the Salinas Biological Summit on June 20-21, 2023.

Mark is a Managing Partner of DunhamTrimmer, a premier market research, market data and strategic consulting firm focused exclusively on the global biocontrol, biostimulant and biofertilizer markets; and is also current Chairman of the Board for the Biological Products Industry Alliance (BPIA).

Previously, Mark led international product development at American Cyanamid as VP of Global Technology, successfully delivering new product registrations. He also led new technology acquisition at BASF and successfully negotiated development agreements on several new products. In addition, Mark led R&D efforts at biological startup company, NutraPark, successfully developing novel biological PGR’s for enhancing fresh market fruits and vegetables.

Mark’s vast knowledge of agronomy, plant physiology and plant pathology make him a must hear at the event.

You can purchase tickets, reserve accommodations and learn more about the Summit here.