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December 13, 2016

Mexico’s Minimum Wage to Increase

Workers in Mexico earning minimum wage will earn $80.04 Mexican pesos (MXN), approximately $3.88 USD, as of January 1, 2017, up from $73.04 MXN, approximately $3.54 (USD). The increase was approved December 1 by the Mexican National Minimum Wages Commission.

The wage increase actually consists of a pair of increases to the minimum wage. First, the Commission approved an “independent recuperation amount” of $4 MXN per day, intended to compensate workers for static wages this year. The Commission also approved an additional 3.9 percent increase for 2017, setting the 2017 minimum wage at $80.04 MXN.

Unfortunately, workers are not benefiting from the increase, at least in terms of real dollars since the peso was devaluated last month.

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