March 23, 2017

Nassif: 65 Percent Initial Water Allocation for South of Delta Ag ‘Defies Logic’

Yesterday, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (Bureau) announced a 65 percent initial allocation for farmers south of the Delta. The long awaited announcement came almost a month after farmers in other parts of the Central Valley received 100 percent initial allocations.  

Farmers had hoped this winter’s seemingly endless storms which have filled key storage facilities like the San Luis Reservoir to capacity would pave the way for the Bureau to announce a 100 percent allocation. The 65 percent allocation roiled farmers and water managers alike, as well as WGs President and CEO Tom Nassif who issued a statement saying, “With record-level precipitation and flooding, and fear of more to come, a 65 percent Central Valley Project initial water allocation for farmers south of the Delta defies logic. While an improvement over the zero to five percent allocations of the past three years, the stark reality is inescapably obvious:  Regulatory actions are depriving farmers and millions of Californians dependent on the farm economy of their livelihoods.”

Read Nassif’s Full Statement

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