June 2, 2016

New Video Says Other Stressors, Not Pumps, Leading to Delta Smelt Decline

Western Growers has launched a second video aimed at bringing greater public attention to the regulatory exacerbation of California’s drought and its devastating impact on thousands of farms and hundreds of rural communities in the San Joaquin Valley.

Released in March as part of a larger #lostCAwater digital media strategy – which included the development and promotion of the www.wga.com/water page – the first water video was viewed by more than a quarter million urban Californians and resulted in substantial social media activity.

That video focused on the government’s role in flushing billions of gallons of El Niño water out to sea. In abusing their discretion under the Endangered Species Act, the video noted that the agencies in charge of managing our water have restricted the Delta pumps far beyond what is required by the law.

To further extend the reach of that message, Western Growers is now in the process of executing a follow up digital media campaign, once again targeting urban and politically engaged Californians.

Going live earlier this week on Facebook and YouTube, the second water video observes that shutting down the pumps has not helped the Delta smelt and salmon recover, and explores other threats – such as predation, invasive species and wastewater discharges – to these endangered fish populations.

If you have not already done so, please take a minute to watch this video and help spread the word by sharing it on Twitter and via all of your other social media channels.