June 21, 2018

Online Ballots for Western Growers Board of Directors – Deadline is Tomorrow!

The deadline to complete your Western Growers Board of Directors’ nomination ballot is tomorrow. This is for the two-year term through 2020. The nomination ballot is the first step in a two-part process. It lists prospective candidates from your district for inclusion on the official ballot. The official ballot will be emailed to you in September in order to vote to fill the allotted board seats.

As a regular member of Western Growers, your participation in the process of electing the board of directors is critical to our continued relevancy and influence. It is through your involvement in this process that board members are elected to serve your district and the entire membership on the key issues facing our industry. 

Our new, secure online voting platform replaces the old paper-ballot system and focuses on privacy, security and verifiability—all of which are paramount to hosting an honest election. 

For any questions regarding the election process, please contact Kim Sherman at (949) 885-2265.