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March 5, 2020

Participate in the 2020 Compensation and HR Practices Survey for Your Chance to Win a Free Macbook Air

Western Growers members now have the opportunity to access an array of industry information, as well as a chance to win a free 13’ MacBook Air!

Imagine having the ability to:

  • Analyze your overall labor market competitiveness: understand how your organization measures up against other employers competing for the same talent, as it relates to pay, health and welfare programs, H.R. practices, and employee programs.
  • Hire or promote an employee by understanding the range of what companies similar in size, business segment, ownership type, and location are paying for that same job.
  • Strategically consider pay raise requests: determine if the employee is already fairly compensated, or perhaps even worth paying an above-market rate based on the value he or she contributes.
  • Structure new jobs for your organization by gaining insight into the qualifications and responsibilities of what other companies require for that position.
  • Formulate your merit increase budget by identifying trends within the produce industry to remain competitive for top talent.
  • Make decisions about determining and adjusting your compensation mix. Does your organization put too much or too little pay at risk for your jobs? What percent of total annual cash compensation is delivered through an annuity (base pay) versus performance pay (incentives)? Market data will help you understand the role of incentives in total cash compensation and how they differ by job responsibilities.

This is YOUR opportunity to tap into industry-specific market data and analytics to help run your operations and programs successfully and strategically. The Western Growers 2020 Compensation and HR Practices Survey is now open and offered only through Western Growers, for Western Growers members only. This survey closes March 31, 2020, so we encourage your participation in helping drive the standards of excellence forward across our industry.

Click here to participate in the 2020 Compensation and HR Practices Survey