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January 25, 2018

Proposed Eastern San Joaquin River Watershed Ag Order Still Includes Nitrogen Reporting Requirement

The California State Water Resources Control Board recently released the second proposed order revising the Eastern San Joaquin Agricultural General Waste Discharge Requirement. This proposal is being considered for adoption on February 7, 2018.

Several impactful requirements in this order, which will become precedential for most all of agriculture statewide, are:

  • Reporting of nitrogen applied and removed at harvest, as well as multi-year ratios.
  • Grower outreach and education.
  • Submission and certification of irrigation and nutrient management plans (with exceptions).
  • Farm/ranch level data reporting.

Western Growers provided written comments on the previous draft proposal and additionally met with State Water Board members regarding concerns with some of the precedential requirements. Western Growers will also be attending the February hearing.

Click here to read the draft order.