August 8, 2023

Specialty Crop Company Featured in “America’s Heartland”

In California’s vast farmland, where tradition and innovation meet, the art of growing various specialty crops showcases the region’s unique climate. PBS’s “America’s Heartland” visits Madera, Calif. to visit Specialty Crop Company and witness how its long-term diversification strategy has yielded incredible results … and even delicious produce.

“This Mediterranean climate that we have, we have the ability to grow virtually anything as long as we have enough water,” says Kevin Herman, founder and CEO.

One of the state’s fastest-growing specialty crops, pistachios have experienced a popularity boom in recent years, with over 1 billion pounds coming out of the U.S. annually. Specialty Crop Company’s San Joaquin facility processes over 60 million pounds of pistachios each year.

Check out the episode by clicking here.

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