September 8, 2021

Support Industry Commerce & Make More Informed Credit Decisions

Every day thousands of produce transactions occur. Western Growers would like to share a valuable opportunity for shippers to consider which supports industry commerce and will help your company make the most informed “sell or no sell” business decisions by joining Blue Book’s Accounts Receivable (A/R) Contributor Program.

Hundreds of companies serving the produce supply chain already confidentially submit their monthly A/R Aging file to Blue Book, and more data is needed. In exchange for those WG members that particpate by submitting their A/R Aging file, Blue Book will e-mail a monthly A/R Analysis Report on their customers and will have access to companies’ Blue Book Online A/R Reports. 

What’s Include in Blue Book’s A/R Reports?

  1. A/R Analysis Report:  A monthly report reflecting your customers’ aggregate dollars owed to A/R industry contributors. Report includes:
    • Your customers’ current Blue Book rating and score
    • Aggregate A/R aging performance from industry A/R contributors
  2. Online A/R Report:  Available to Blue Book members, this report:
    • Identifies pay performance and trends
    • Includes 24 months of a company’s aggregate A/R aging
    • Provides total A/R aging owing for the month and A/R owing in four time periods

Harold McClarty, CEO, with The HMC Group Marketing, Inc., Kingsburg, CA states, Participating in Blue Book’s A/R Contributor Program allows us to see payment trends and get ahead of issues with collections before they arise. The monthly A/R Analysis Report on our customers’ rating, Blue Book Score, and aggregate A/R is a valuable tool that our sales and accounting management teams rely on to make customer approvals, set credit limits, and continuously refine our collection process.”

Make more informed business decisions with Blue Book’s A/R Reports, support industry commerce, and join the community of companies who submit their confidential monthly A/R Aging file to Blue Book. Contact Jeff Lair, [email protected], to get the process going.

Watch this short video for a Complete Overview of the A/R Contributor Program.