February 19, 2021

The DFEH Pay Data Reporting Portal is Now Open

According to California regulation, private employers with 100 or more employees must file pay data reports with the CA Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) by March 31, 2021. The portal for employers to file their reports is now available.

As previously reported here, SB 973 requires qualified private employers to report detailed pay-related data on an annual basis to the DFEH beginning March 31, 2021. On or before the deadline, and annually thereafter, employers with 100 or more employees, who are also required to file an annual Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s Employer Information Report, and has at least one California employee, must submit a pay data report to the DFEH.

The DFEH’s homepage also includes the following resources:

  • A Portal User Guide
  • Excel Template to create reports
  • Answers to FAQs

Click here to access the California Pay Data Reporting Portal.