September 16, 2016

We Need to Do More to Preserve Christianity in the Middle East

I recently ran across an article by Elliot Abrams that hit close to home: The United States Bars Christian, Not Muslim, Refugees From Syria. Abrams notes how “the United States has accepted 10,801 Syrian refugees, of whom 56 are Christian. Not 56 percent; 56 total, out of 10,801.”

This shocking figure just confirms what I recently wrote in my column for WG&S Magazine. The United States needs to boost its efforts to protect Christians and preserve Christianity in the Middle East—and they need to do it quickly. Radical Islamic extremists are viewing Christians as infidels, and Christians are being murdered all across the Middle East.

Whether it be advancing religious security in this region through our diplomatic and military clout like I mention in my column or allowing Christians to apply directly to the U.S. (rather than UN) for refugee status like Abrams mentions in his article, we need a solution to protect Christians in the Middle East.