March 19, 2015

Webinar Tomorrow – How to Make Your Data Work for You

In today’s world – companies are scrambling to collect information to meet buyer specifications, satisfy regulatory demands and develop records in case something goes wrong.  This is often a massive paper chase that seldom allows key staff the time to put the information to beneficial use in improving company performance, efficiency or food safety programs.

Western Growers has partnered with iFoods to offer the TOOLBOX, a mobile, paperless, scalable, cloud-computing data management system. Data is captured in the field or wherever you may find it.  Once captured, you can access the data in the office, in the field, or through your phone.  You will spend less time completing and reviewing reports for compliance and can spend more time analyzing data and trends and using that information for the benefit of your operation.

The iFoods TOOLBOX offers data security, integration, warehousing and analytics through a private company dashboard that can be customized to assist you in achieving your management objectives.  The tools that are currently available will assist in managing environmental assessments, microbial testing and packing/processing facility verification.

Want to learn more about how to harness data to improve performance, reduce costs and demonstrate how your operation keeps food safe and protects the environment?  Join us TOMORROW for our webinar!

Managing your data – your business depends on it… regulators require it… the market place demands it!

Webinar Details

Your Data, Working for You
Friday, March 20, 2015
9:00 – 10:00am PDT


For more information, please contact Stephanie Kettering at 949-885-2364.