May 27, 2021

Western Growers 2020 Year in Review Now Available

The “Western Growers 2020 Year in Review” publication highlights all we have accomplished together this past year. The Year in Review is now available here.

WG Chairman Ryan Talley and WG President/CEO Dave Puglia open the Year in Review with a note reflecting on the collective accomplishments of our industry: 

“In last year’s pre-pandemic annual review, we focused on the theme of embracing change. Little did we know how prophetic those words would be in 2020.

Amid such change, one thing has remained constant—the character and determination of the agriculture industry. Thomas Jefferson once referred to farmers as vigorous, independent, and virtuous. These traits have never been more visible in our membership, as evidenced by our extraordinary efforts to keep our nation fed while much of the nation remained in various stages of lockdown.

The bottom line for our industry is, ‘The job must get done.’ This same spirit also governs every part of the Western Growers Family of Companies, which drives our employees. Even as they faced uncertainties of their own, our staff managed to support our members and clients through the crisis while remaining focused on the post-pandemic world.

As we reflect on all we have accomplished together in 2020, we are reminded that now, more than ever, our strength is in our numbers. GROW Stronger.”


Thank you for your continued loyalty to Western Growers as we daily renew our commitment to enhancing your competitiveness and profitability.