September 6, 2016

Western Growers Establishes Strategic Alliance with JLT to Provide Global Insurance Solutions

Western Growers Insurance Services, Inc. is expanding its global reach through a new strategic alliance with JLT Specialty USA, one of the world’s leading insurance brokerages.

The alliance provides Western Growers (WG) the ability to offer agribusiness and food clients direct access to global insurance carriers. Additionally, this relationship provides the opportunity to tap into offices around the world and the ability to meet specific company needs with the help of subject matter experts. “Now with access to nearly 140 offices around the world, the food and agribusiness industry can utilize JLT’s broad spectrum of international insurance resources,” said Jeff Gullickson, Senior Vice President of WG Insurance Services.

The alliance affords all of WG members direct access to virtually any global insurance company, providing a massive advantage to businesses who are already operating or looking to open operations in other countries. Members can now leverage the expertise of local professionals in foreign countries to ensure full compliance with other countries’ insurance laws and regulations.

Additionally, WG and JLT collaborated to create an industry-leading cargo insurance coverage solution and administration platform exclusively available to WG members. This combined solution and platform enables members to effectively manage their cargo programs at the lowest possible premium costs.

The alliance will also offer a combined coverage solution called WESTERN GROWERS SHIELD™, where members will receive an insurance program, as well as continuous and unbroken transit coverage for all product shipments to and from all points on the globe. This solution includes Cargo, Contamination, Recall and Non-Physical Damage loss of income. The Cargo solution and WESTERN GROWERS SHIELD™ solutions can include iCargo®, a world class, leading cargo software application that helps members administer, monitor and provides analytical support for future cargo shipments and strategies.

For more information on the alliance and new global insurance offerings, read the official press release. Contact David Duvall at (949) 379-3853 for additional questions.