April 18, 2024

Western Growers Supports AB 2528

Western Growers staff testified in support of AB 2528 (Arambula) this week when it was heard in the Assembly Utilities and Energy Committee.

AB 2528 provides a streamlined Williamson Act cancellation option to facilitate faster siting of energy infrastructure on former agricultural parcels and provide relief to landowners and local communities. Simplifying Williamson Act cancellations on water-constrained lands addresses the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) challenges and renewable energy land constraints while providing farmers with alternative economic opportunities for their lands for the benefit of the community and the county where their land is located thus keeping the value of the land for property tax revenue. Otherwise, the land will just sit fallowed for 10 years while waiting for the Williamson Act to sunset.

“This bill streamlines the process for a farmer to transition some of their fields from agricultural production to solar thereby saving millions of dollars in Williamson Act cancellation fees. This bill is a win-win for farmers, local communities and the state,” said Gail Delihant, Senior Director of California Government Affairs at Western Growers.

The bill passed out of the committee 12-0 and will be heard in the Assembly Agriculture Committee on April 24.