September 10, 2019

WG Submits Comments on Glyphosate Proposed Interim Registration

Recently, while the European Union was working to extend bans on glyphosate, Western Growers reinforced the need for science-driven policy and submitted comments to the Office of Pesticide Programs — Environmental Protection Agency to urge the continued registration and use of glyphosate.

“Western Growers writes to you today to offer our preliminary comments on the continued registration and use of glyphosate in our ongoing attempt to highlight the critical importance of this product to western fresh fruit, nut, and vegetable producers,” wrote Hank Giclas, the senior vice president of science, technology & strategic planning at Western Growers, in the letter.

“Not only is Glyphosate a unique tool that provides broad spectrum activity on weeds, at the same time it offers a strong safety profile for humans, animals, and the environment through systemic mechanisms and lack of residual activity. Put simply, it is easy to use, low in cost and has a low potential for adverse impacts,” he continued.

In the letter, Western Growers commended USEPA for their effort to preserve glyphosate as a viable tool for growers to combat weeds while at the same time enhancing ecological protection through new requirements for label language.

“Glyphosate is one of the most studied crop protection tools in the world, and there is a preponderance of scientific data that has been developed and compiled over the last four decades that demonstrates that glyphosate has a low potential for adverse impacts,” said Giclas. “It’s crucial that science, and not emotion, drives policy.”