June 13, 2023

WGCIT Takes a Tour of the Rebuilt Taylor Farms Foodservice Plant

The Western Growers Center for Innovation and Technology (WGCIT) in Salinas had the opportunity to tour the re-opened Taylor Farms Foodservice Plant on June 12 following the devastating fire that destroyed its facility in April of last year.

Hosted by Tano Padilla and Jason Sedano from Taylor Farms’ Innovation team, 15 WGCIT startup representatives were in attendance to view the rebuilt state-of-the-art facility and ask questions.

According to a press release by Taylor Farms in early April, the location is particularly meaningful to the family-owned company, as the facility is the foundation that provided the momentum for the rest of the country. Taylor Farms accounts for approximately 60% of the U.S. foodservice market, and the facility produces 30% of that marketshare.