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We help members access the H-2A temporary worker program by completing paperwork, filing applications and interfacing with state workforce agencies, the U.S. Department of Labor, U.S. Customs and Immigration Services and Department of State. Members can get legal guidance and discounted legal support, plus training and updates.

HR/Legal Hotline

Whether a member needs help understanding immigration law or wants guidance about the latest recruitment techniques, Western Growers is here to help. Call 877-942-4529.

Ag Legal Network

Members can take advantage of our network of member law firms offering a 15% discount or more off their regular fees. For a list of participating firms, call 877-942-4529.

H-2A Services

Looking for a legal and reliable workforce? Our Western Growers Labor Services, LLC experts work with members through the H-2A process and help you use agriculture's only temporary guest worker program.

Our expert, bilingual training staff comes to you or can provide training remotely to make learning convenient for you and your staff. Count on us as your resource to solve everyday workplace challenges and training needs.

Get periodic updates on legal issues impacting the agricultural industry, including unions, labor shortages, wage and hour law, employment law and more.

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