We offer guidance and resources to keep you informed and compliant on issues such as employment law, immigration and labor, employee benefits, health care reform and more.

HR/Legal Hotline

Our HR/Legal Hotline offers members one-on-one guidance about employment law and HR-related questions. Call the HR/Legal Hotline at 877-942-4529 to get help with your company's concerns.

Personnel Procedures Manual

The Personnel Procedures Manual provides members the latest employment policies and procedures to stay compliant with state and federal law.

Health Care Reform Consultation

Do you know if your company is considered a large employer? How do seasonal workers affect your count? We know the Affordable Care Act can be daunting to figure out. We're here to walk you through requirements, help you look at your health benefit plans and offer solutions that comply with the law while attracting and retaining the talent your company needs.

H-2A Guidance

Looking for a legal and reliable workforce? Our Western Growers Labor Services, LLC experts work with members through the H-2A process and help you use agriculture's only temporary guest worker program.

Ag Legal Network

Members can take advantage of our network of member law firms offering a 15% discount or more off their regular fees. For a list of participating firms, call 877-942-4529.

Legal Staff

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Vice President & PCMI Compliance
Corporate Counsel

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