WG Women Program

Western Growers (WG) believes that women are essential to the future of agriculture, which is why we have developed WG Women, a program that prepares women for positions of leadership within WG member companies and the broader fresh produce industry.

After a short hiatus to retool during the COVID-19 pandemic, WG Women is back with a new series of virtual leadership development opportunities, including online leadership, social media and traditional media training courses. 

Participation in WG Women is limited to employees of WG member companies, and participants are admitted following formal acceptance of the program application. Once accepted into the program, WG Women must complete a minimum of 36 program hours to earn an official certificate of completion. 

Mission & Vision

Mission Statement - To identify and prepare women in production agriculture for positions of leadership within Western Growers and the fresh produce industry.

Vision Statement - A fresh produce industry that reflects the value of women in production agriculture and promotes women to the highest levels of company and industry leadership.

Program Requirements

WG Women have access to a series of on-going activities – both virtual and regionally-based – aimed at supporting professional growth and paving the way for influential leadership opportunities within the fresh produce industry. Eighteen credits (a minimum of 36 hours) are required to complete the program and earn a WG Women Certificate of Completion. At least one year of program participation will be necessary to achieve the requisite number of credits.

Upcoming Events

Social Media Virtual Workshop 1.2: Tactics

Empower yourseld to use social media as a tool for industry advocacy. Building on our first virtual social media class where we learned about the seven archetypes of social media, join us for an in-depth look at effective Facebook, Instagram and Twitter tactics.

Thursday, September 17

1:00 PM - 3:00PM


WG Women Staff

Manager, Communications