This is a follow-up to “What do I do when a customer rejects a shipment?” from November 4, 2014.

Rejections at destination are inevitable, and the issues surrounding them are never pleasant. So you need to be prepared to take the emotion out of the situation, have your product moved in a timely manner and have it sold for the account of whom it may concern to maximize the return and protect your rights for a future claim.

Supplementing my last guest column blog written by Fred Webber, President and CEO of the Fruit & Vegetable Fruit Dispute Resolution Corporation (DRC), I would like to share my perspective on the tangible benefits of the value of DRC membership. Over the past several weeks, two separate Western Growers (WG) members have contacted me about the inability to get their contracts paid in full from Canadian buyers.

Canadian retailers operating in the province of Quebec report continued regulatory enforcement problems on U.S. produce pertaining to incorrect language on PLU stickers, including PLU/GS1 DataBar stickers on individual fresh fruit and vegetable items. Failure to comply can result in fines to retailers and potentially force the withdrawal of product from retail operations.

Tom Oliveri


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