Unfortunately, there is the rare Shipper, Freezer or Marketing Agent that goes out of business owing money to growers. Growers can avail themselves to the protections of the PACA Trust; however, in order for a grower to fully benefit under the PACA Trust, they must file a PACA Trust notice within a specific timeframe.     

There are two methods to file PACA Trust notices:  

The good ol’ days of a grower or shipper selling the grower’s crop on a hand shake has long since passed. In order to properly protect your grower as well as yourself as a shipper, it is imperative and a best practice to have a written agreement (contract) drawn up so each party knows what is expected from each other. The agreement needs to be straight forward, transparent with no hidden agendas and most importantly, be signed by both parties prior to the start of the shipping season. 


Produce Price Index

Think farmers are making most of the money from your grocery bill? Think again. Use the Produce Price Index (PPI) to find out the difference between how much you spend on fruits and vegetables and how much actually goes back to the farmer.

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