Bryan Nickerson
Western Growers, Manager, Trade Practices

Bryan Nickerson manages the Trade Practices department for Western Growers (WG) ensuring members are supported in the areas of PACA trust actions, Good Delivery standards and consultation on sales contracts. Following the footsteps of his predecessor Tom “Tommy O” Oliveri, Bryan is committed to recouping monies owed to Western Growers’ members and thoroughly investigating collections on both slow pay and disputed sales. Bryan follows through on the matter from its beginning until finalization and stands poised ready to assist WG members in the marketing of their fresh produce.

For the last four years, Bryan’s role was in Membership Business Development and was face of WG in the field, promoting the library of business services Western Growers offers. Traveling extensively throughout California and Arizona, he recruited new members by establishing WG’s value proposition, as well as engaged and retained current members through ROI analysis. His “boots on the ground” strategy helped gain member’s trust and confidence while proving accountability to WG’s best in class service.

Prior to joining Western Growers and as the 3rd generation involved in agriculture, Bryan was born and raised in the Coachella Valley with the passion of farming in his blood. Some of his best childhood memories were the duties he was delegated on the farm; everything from field preparation to post harvest. Bryan eventually worked his way up to direct the bell pepper packing operations for Prime Time International’s Coachella and Oxnard packing houses.

Bryan earned his B.S. in Communication from San Diego State University, graduating in 2003, and was a part of Western Growers’ 2nd Future Volunteer Leaders class in 2014. He is currently in Class 48 of the California Agriculture Leadership Program, graduating in February 2019. Bryan and his college sweetheart, Mindy, have two children and reside in Rancho Mission Viejo, CA.

When not recouping money for WG members, Bryan is an avid downhill mountain biker and adventurist mitigating risk/reward around every corner.

Favorite current quote: “You can count the number of seeds in an apple, but you can’t count the number of apples that can come from a seed.”

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Articles by Bryan Nickerson

Oct 21, 2021

I would like to share a valuable opportunity for shippers to consider which supports industry commerce and will help your company make the most informed “sell or no sell” business decisions by joining Blue Book’s Accounts Receivable (A/R) Contributor Program.

Jul 01, 2021

Yesterday, Western Growers Trade Practices hosted a webinar to not only discuss the finer points of Walmart's On Time in Full (OTIF) policy but also some proven shipper best practices to help members cope with retailer compliance requirements and avoid financial penalties.

Jun 09, 2021

Several Western Growers members recently asked me for a checklist of questions to ask when product arrives at contract destination when there has been a federal inspection secured. In other words, can we provide a guidance document to the sales staff to ask the correct questions and determine, wi

May 12, 2021

Shippers often call me to discuss the results of their timely USDA inspection and for help determining if it meets contract specifications. There are two distinct types of defects listed on the inspection that can help you determine that.

Feb 10, 2021

Whether you are establishing a sale or amending a sales contract, here are some helpful reminders to be aware of when using PAS (Price after Sale) sales terms. Afterall, PAS  (also referred to as open price sale or open sale) does not establish a consignment or an agency relationship.