January 6, 2015

Sakata Releases New Varieties for 2015

Following is a list of new varieties available from Sakata Seed in 2015.




Infinite Gold LSL melon has been bred for strong performance and long shelf life, without sacrificing great flavor and fruit quality.  In fact, a third-party sensory analysis panel rated Infinite Gold higher in flavor and quality attributes than the leading competition.


Bell Pepper

Blitz is an early maturing, widely adapted blocky bell with heavy first cropping potential providing growers the opportunity for earlier returns.  The extra-large and jumbo fruit are of good general quality and have thick walls.  Blitz has high resistance to TMV: 0, and Xcv: 0-5, 7-9 and intermediate resistance to TEV.



Oribustar is an indeterminate red grape tomato that shows excellent performance — based on yield potential with double and triple clusters, fruit firmness, resistant to cracking, and excellent flavor profile — in both high tech and medium tech environments.



Emerald Crown broccoli is a medium-maturing, very uniform, heavy-headed, domed variety with small beads on a small framed plant that produces excellent quality crown cuts/short trim in all NAFTA regions.



Raceway tomato is a great quality choice for high yield and resistance to Fusarium crown and root rot.  The smooth fruit are mostly extra-large, deep oblate to globe shaped, very firm and with deep red color for the mature green and vine ripe markets.



Unbridled triploid watermelon is part of a quartet of new watermelons that represent our next generation breeding.  This watermelon has an 85-day maturity and has high yield potential. Unbridled boasts very strong vines and bears fruit with crisp, firm flesh.  Extra tasty, too!