In addition to prevention measures, there are additional measures and tools such as rapid testing that hold promise to offer timely information to support food safety decisions every day. Various methods and devices are already on the market, but there is confusion regarding rapid testing accuracy and what it means or does not mean. This webinar will cover a basic overview of rapid testing and its current state, including challenges and opportunities that may impact the use of rapid testing by the fresh produce sector more broadly.

Sonia Salas

Join AgVoice Cofounder Aaron Gobin this Thursday, as he shares how the company’s agtech allows farmers to work hands-free. The use of AgVoice’s technology can improve productivity and data accuracy, and as a voice-enabled mobile technology, agriculture professionals can capture insights on the go!

Chardae Heim

John “Jack” Leroy Woolf Jr., industry pioneer and prominent Fresno-area farmer, has passed away at the age of 102.

Woolf, who launched Woolf Farming Company in 1974, was among the first to plant almonds and pistachios in California’s Fresno County, a leading commodity that generates billions of dollars in revenue for the region every year.

Chardae Heim


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