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The Western Growers Family of Companies exists for one reason: to ensure the future viability of its members – the hard-working, salt-of-the-earth farmers who grow the fruits, vegetables and tree nuts that feed our nation. But their way of life, their ability to pass their multi-generational farms and family legacies on to their children and grandchildren, is being jeopardized by a host of threats, many of them beyond their control. They face a growing litany of laws and regulations that make it increasingly difficult and expensive to do business. 

Our members depend on us to help them remain competitive and profitable in spite of these trying circumstances, which we do by fighting – heart and soul – for them every single day. We passionately advocate for them in the halls of Congress and on the steps of the state Capitol. We actively facilitate the advancement of technology designed to help them become more efficient and less dependent on diminishing resources. We diligently provide health insurance to their farm workers, as well as other insurance solutions tailored to the unique business. We do all of this, and more, from a position of leadership in the agriculture industry, which requires a team of intelligent, inquisitive and innovative individuals dedicated to our common purpose.

From Our Members

...Western Growers is the strongest voice western agriculture has…Especially in the last 10 years, the leadership at Western Growers has performed at the highest level…My brother and I are very appreciative of everything Western Growers does.

Joe Colace
Five Crowns Inc., Brawley, CA

Western Growers allows each farmer in California and Arizona one voice when tackling issues that affect all farmers and the future of agriculture. This is extremely important for each grower to be able to work collaboratively to achieve one goal to sustain farming in California and Arizona.

Ryan Van Groningen
Van Groningen & Sons, Inc., Manteca, CA

Western Growers offers many great services…but the major reason we belong to the association is because of the representation. Western Growers represents our interests and they are one of the strongest voices for agriculture that there is.

Phil Henry
Henry Avocado Corp, Escondido, CA

I would be lost in this industry without [Western Growers]. I receive phenomenal advice in many areas including the technical aspects of buying and selling fresh produce…it’s like having an expert in your own backyard.

Douglas E. Schaefer
E J’s Produce Sales Inc., Phoenix, AZ

Western Growers is in my corner, working for me and fighting the good fight for our industry. We remain loyal members because they have consistently shown us value.

Robby Barkley
Barkley Ag Enterprises, Inc., Yuma, AZ

We can’t do this alone. I rely on Western Growers to represent us on costly regulatory matters that affect our business – they have proven to be a consistent and powerful front for our industry.

Craig Reade
Bonipak, Santa Maria, CA

Being a member of Western Growers has saved me thousands of dollars over the years.

David Gill
Rio Farms, Salinas, CA

The demands of farming specialty crops in California coupled with constant and changing demands from the marketplace have made our jobs of growing and selling fresh table grapes ever more challenging. Add the constraints of increasing regulatory issues, food safety and relentless politics, and our job truly becomes challenging. We rely on Western Growers as a partner in fending our position in the industry.

Jim Llano
Castle Rock Vineyards, Delano, CA

I am a fourth-generation family farmer. I am also a third generation member of Western Growers, and for the past forty years, Western Growers has helped my family business grow.

Domenick Buck
Anthony Vineyards, Bakersfield, CA

Since the 1920s, my family has prided itself on growing the sweetest California citrus, and this is a tradition I want to pass on to the next generation. But building a business that can stand the test of time can be challenging. Which is why my family relies on Western Growers to provide us with the business services, training and educational opportunities we need to remain competitive and profitable.

Heather Mulholland
Mulholland Citrus, Orange Cove, CA

Membership Benefits

Financial Services
  • We offer investment services for both businesses and individuals — retirement planning, 401(k) retirement plans for your employees, generational transfers, bilingual education and support for employees and more.

Contact: Matt Lewis at 949-885-2379

Media and Communications
  • We focus on media relations to strategically boost WG members’ public policy objectives.
  • We publish Spotlight twice weekly and WG&S Magazine monthly to keep members informed on critical industry news.

Contact Cory Lunde at 949-885-2264

Western Growers Foundation
  • Our goal is to create and sustain an edible garden in every willing California and Arizona school.
  • We strive to create healthy farms, food and individuals. Western Growers Foundation promotes sound science, food safety and nutrition education.
Western Growers Insurance Services
  • Direct sales force for Western Growers Assurance Trust, the largest provider of health benefits for the ag industry.
  • Full Service Broker: Health Benefits, Property & Casualty, Workers’ Compensation and Personal Lines.
  • Loss Control/Safety Services (training for heat illness prevention/equipment/first aid, onsite inspections and more).
  • Health Care Reform guidance, proprietary tracking and reporting tools and consultation to ensure ACA compliance.

Contact Jeff Gullickson at 800-333-4942

Human Resources and Legal Support
  • Our Professional Compensation and HR Practices Surveys collect and measure the regional specialty ag data you need to make budget and planning decisions to help you attract and keep top talent at your company. You must be a member to participate or purchase results, and participants get data for free.
    Contact Karen Timmins
  • The Personnel Procedures Manual provides members the latest employment policies and procedures to stay compliant with state and federal law.
    Contact Jason Resnick at or 949-885-2253
  • Our HR/Legal Hotline offers members one-on-one guidance about employment law and HR-related questions.
    Call the HR/Legal Hotline at 877-942-4529
H-2A Services
  • We help members access the H-2A temporary worker program by
    • completing paperwork
    • filing applications
    • interfacing with state workforce agencies, the U.S. Department of Labor, U.S. Customs and Immigration Services and Department of State.

Contact Jason Resnick at 949-885-2253

  • The Western Growers Transportation Program leverages our relationship with one of the largest logistics companies, C.H. Robinson, to offer members-only pricing and increased capacity to transport produce.
  • Combines the freight volume of WG members to attract a robust cost- and energy-effective transportation solution.
  • Transportation solutions are customized to meet your unique business requirements.

Contact Kim Sherman 949-885-2265

Collections, Contracts, PACA Support
  • We assist members in collections on both slow paying and disputed sales contracts. 
  • We offer guidance and support in PACA (Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act) trust actions, contract reviews and more.
    Contact Jason Resnick or Bryan Nickerson or subscribe to the blog for industry news and updates Produce Insights
Innovation through Science & Technology
  • Our Science & Tech team of nationally known experts in the produce-related field work with committees in D.C., regulators, legislators, universities, scientists and more to cultivate the best in leading edge ag innovation for our members.
  • We spearheaded the development of the Leafty Green Marketing Agreement. Now, we're working to take that agreement nationwide.
  • Monthly Lunch and Learn webinars help members stay up to speed on key issues such as food safety developments, FSMA, water quality regulation, nutrition management and more.
  • Contact Walt Duflock.
Government Affairs

We have in-house and contracted lobbyists in Sacramento, Phoenix and Washington, D.C., fighting for our members on issues such as

  • immigration
  • water supply
  • food safety, food security, sustainability
  • union-backed legislation
  • environmental regulatory issues (pesticide use, water quality, air quality management, etc.)
  • occupational safety and health regulatory issues (heat illness, tractor safety, etc.)
  • Health Care Reform
  • pest prevention and management
  • climate change
  • federal farm policy, including the Farm Bill


Western Growers University

We provide customized, bilingual training when and where you need it.

  • Leadership Skills
  • Harassment, Discrimination and Abusive Conduct Prevention
  • HR and Employment Law
  • Supervisory Skills
  • PACA Rights and Remedies
  • Safety and Risk Management
International Trade
  • We provide assistance with international trade negotiations and issues related to export, transportation and logistics.

Contact Tracy Chow at (202) 296-0191 ext:7301

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