Date: Jan 08, 2014
January 2014: New Seed Variety Issue
A new seed variety from Sakata



Centennial broccoli has small beads, smooth heads and minimal sideshoots.  This multi-use variety performs well in all Marathon slots and can be grown year-round in the cool coastal growing regions.




Primo Vantage cabbage has excellent uniformity, holding ability and a short core.  Primo Vantage’s dark green heads average 4 to 4.5 pounds.  This variety’s maturity is mid-early with resistance to Fusarium yellows race 1.




Alaniz Gold melon is a Western Shipper with main season maturity.  This variety has excellent firmness, good interior color and maintains size uniformity with a high percentage of 9’s.  It also has very strong vines.  Alaniz Gold performs well in the California Central Valley.




Seaside Spinach is a very uniform baby leaf variety.  It has a slow-moderate growth rate and an upright plant habit.  Seaside has a nice, smooth, thick, very dark green, spade-shaped leaf making it a perfect choice for baby leaf growers.  Seaside also has downy mildew resistance for growers who require a premium disease package




Primavera Squash is a high yielding hybrid vegetable spaghetti squash.  It has similar size to the standard O.P. variety with nice canary-yellow skin color at maturity.  The fruit have excellent uniformity in size and shape, growing on a restricted vine that does not get as long as the standard O.P.




Secretariat watermelon is an early-maturing variety that is very high yielding.  It offers a smooth, medium-green exterior with green stripes and has a nice round-oval shape.  Interior characteristics include tiny pips and firm, crisp, deep red flesh.

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