February 2014: The PACA Is Here to Help

For several years now, the Western Growers Foundation has been donating funds for school gardens in California and Arizona under the premise that teaching our students more about fruits and vegetables is a great way to make them life-long users of our products, and give them a better understanding of our industry.

Paula Olson

A few years ago two very busy H.R. professionals in the agriculture industry, were asked to volunteer their time to work on the Western Growers Professional Compensation & Benefits Survey Advisory Board.  Jorge Suarez, director strategic planning & human resources at Ocean Mist Farms, and Terre Catanzaro, chief administrative officer at JV Smith & Companies, jumped at the opportunity.

Karen Timmins

Beachside Produce LLC was formed a decade ago when the core growers of Apio Inc. bought the commodity business from that firm as it concentrated on the value added-sector.  After exploring other options, selling the company internally proved to be the best fit for all concerned.  At the time Apio CFO John Jackson was asked to become the CEO of the new company, and he took the position.

Tim Linden

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