Environment, Sustainability & Climate

Western Growers strives to be the leading voice for strategies to advance climate smart efforts and sustainability in agriculture. We understand that the best way to plan ahead is to be proactive now.  Much like our members, we are engaged in numerous sustainability initiatives to provide information for public awareness and help respond to a wide range of evolving sustainability demands.


Sustainability Calculator

Sustainability and metric calculations

Alison Edwards, Director & Facilitator, Stewardship Index for Specialty Crops

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Getting started and retrieving the access code

Jeana Cadby, Environmental and Climate Director,  Western Growers

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Exotic Fruit Fly Resources

California is experiencing an unusually high population of exotic fruit flies this season. The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) has issued local quarantine and eradication measures to prevent statewide spread of the Queensland Fruit Fly, Tau Fly, Mediterranean Fruit Fly, and Oriental Fruit Fly.

Access our page on the Exotic Fruit Fly for additional information and resources


The WG Center for Innovation & Technology was created to help identify industry priorities, discover technologies to address those priorities, set up testing, facilitate industry feedback and communicate progress.


Water quality and supply has never been more important. Western Growers puts water at the forefront of planning, innovation and advocacy.



Climate change affects growers in many ways. We believe that support for our members needs to come in multiple forms, from legislative to technological advancements and beyond.

From Our Members

Western Growers is in my corner, working for me and fighting the good fight for our industry. We remain loyal members because they have consistently shown us value.

Robby Barkley
Barkley Ag Enterprises, Inc., Yuma, AZ