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July 14, 2021
Shipper Steps to Take When Verifying a Potential Rejection

As a shipper, it is prudent to fully understand both your contractual obligations and your rights wh … Read More

July 14, 2021
The Federal Sustainability and Climate Change Push

By  Dennis Nuxoll, Vice President, Federal Government Affairs and Tracey Chow, Government Affai … Read More

July 14, 2021
Transportation: Analysis on the 2021 Transportation Market

By Laurence Stern, Stern Consulting Since 1973, I have been in involved in transportation management … Read More

July 14, 2021
6 Ways to Strengthen the Supply Chain

By Greg Gatzke, President, ZAG Technical Services Every Western Growers (WG) member plays a critical … Read More

July 14, 2021
Root Cause Analysis for the Produce Industry

By Afreen Malik, Science Programs Director Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is a systematic yet flexible ap … Read More

July 14, 2021
WG’s H-2A Effort Continues to Expand

By Tim Linden It is no secret that the United States is currently facing a tremendous labor shortage … Read More