August 16, 2016

10th Anniversary of the Western Growers Transportation Plan – The Celebration Continues

Our celebration of the Western Growers Transportation Program’s (WGTP) ten-year anniversary continues with today’s publication of C.H. Robinson’s Transportfolio’s blog guest-authored by WG Senior Executive Vice President Matt McInerney. McInerney’s piece begins by recounting how transportation issues with the railroad led a handful of Imperial Valley growers to begin the association.

McInerney notes that many of these same transportation problems still existed when the WGTP began in 2006. Today, the turnkey solution has “not only provided consistent transportation options for our members, but also supported them in ways so they could focus on their core competencies—growing, harvesting, and packaging nutritious, fresh produce,” according to McInerney.

McInerney’s blog also reminds readers that we are celebrating this anniversary with a Giving Day on August 24, 2016. Western Growers and its members, C.H. Robinson, Feeding America and other licensed associations participating in WGTP can contribute monetary or product donations to communities in need across the country. Giving is our way of celebrating.

Please go to our Transportation Program 10-Year Anniversary Giving Day website for more information.

Read McInerney’s full guest blog.   

For more information or to make a donation, please contact C.H. Robinson’s Rob Lynch at (831) 658 4145 or John Stenderup at (831) 333 5821.