August 18, 2015

2015 California Wage and Benefit Survey Results

The 2015 California Wage and Benefit Survey results are now available. The survey was conducted by the Farm Employers Labor Service (FELSSM), Western Growers and several other ag organizations and provides a reference for estimating pay rates, benefits and understanding compensation structures used by California agricultural firms. Fourteen on-the-farm jobs titles from supervisor to general laborer are included in the survey.

The California Wage and Benefit Survey should not be confused with the Western Growers’ Professional Compensation and HR Practices Survey which is a much more comprehensive survey targeting professional level jobs. The results of the survey are exclusive to Western Growers members. Members can obtain survey results below:

Click HERE for survey results cover letter (instructions on navigating the survey)

Click HERE for WG Wage and Benefit Survey Report

Click HERE for results from all participants

We appreciate those members who took the time to submit survey responses.

For more information, contact WG’s Karen Hansen at (949) 885-2254.