March 13, 2024

2024 LGMA Amendment Process Update: Priority Setting

During the month of February, Western Growers facilitated the California LGMA priority setting process. The priority setting process consisted of five main steps:

  1. Selection of the Priority Setting Committee: A committee of nine participants, representing California, Arizona, LGMA staff, industry and academia, was chosen to lead the priority setting process.
  2. Topic Submission: 11 priorities were submitted by stakeholders for evaluation.
  3. Discussion Meetings: In-depth discussions were held to explore each priority’s implications and feasibility.
  4. Priority Voting: Following discussions, the committee voted to determine the most critical priorities.
  5. Priority Selection: Two key priorities have emerged from this process:
    1. Ag Water Standards
      1. Review of Type B to A water standards.
      2. Review variable water quality and sampling standards as they relate to generic E. coli.
    2. Harvesting Equipment Sanitation
      1. Harvest Equipment Sanitation – review key changes (initial process as part of a long-term effort)

For more information, visit You can also access the Priority Setting report.

What’s Next?

Priority Working Group: Western Growers will facilitate industry representatives and subject matter discussions to generate comments and propose changes aligned with the selected priorities.

30-day Comment Period: Western Growers will open a 30-day comment period, inviting stakeholders to contribute their insights.

Web-based Discussion: After the comment period, a web-based discussion will be hosted to allow submitters to present their proposals and engage in constructive dialogue.